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    Brits are buying in Italy again.

    More British holiday home buyers are returning to Italy, thanks to cheaper property prices and a
    stronger currency exchange rate, according to the head of Realitalia property firm. MORE
    Looking for property in Calabria. Look no further than Pizzo on the
    West coast of Calabria. And here is why...

  • The Euro is now stronger so you get more for your money with apartments in the old from €50,000
  • The location is exclusive without the strong holiday making crowd attach to other resorts
  • Mingle with the locals and learn the Italian way of life
  • Quick easy and safe purchasing procedure ensuring you are not left out in the cold

    Seven little volcanic islands surrounded by a warm and deep sea in an
    out-of time atmosphere recalling a history of sea-adventures going
    back 5000 years:

    That's how long man's presence on these islands dates back. Holiday planning offers the
    chance of an extraordinary range of ideas in a natural and largely untouched environment: the
    main island Lipari, the green landscapes of Salina,the wild nature of Alicudi and Filicudi, the
    sophisticated Panarea and the charming Vulcano and Stromboli.
    An excellent ferryboat service connects the islands to Sicily (Milazzo, Palermo and Messina),
    Reggio Calabria and Naple More.
    Tourists have traditionally flocked

    to Rome and north of the Italian capital when seeking to explore Italian golf  but there are many
    Italian winemakers, usually wedded to centuries-old traditions, are
    slowly embracing Twitter, blogging and Facebook to boost sales that
    have been hit by the global economic crisis.
    Italy, the world's second-biggest wine producer after France, saw export sales drop 6 percent
    to 3.5 billion euros in 2009 hit by the crisis and advancing competition from the "New World"
    wines, according to industry data More.
    Restoration of the Blue Cave in Pizzo Calabria

    La Grotta Azzurra di Pizzo, this is one of the most important of the caves that are along the
    coast of Pizzo, will soon be 'back to the community'.  MORE  (See the development photos HERE)
    The government decree, which affects sites such as Google's

    Would also require sites that regularly upload videos to obtain a license to operate in Italy, the
    Associated Press reported Friday.    MORE

    The reason of this legal short notes born from the necessity to inform all the English speaking
    persons who are buying a off plan property in Calabria as unfortunately many problems have
    been registered in the last period about the process concerning the purchase of a unit included
    in a building to be built.Basically it has to be noted that in 2005 Italy has issued after long years
    of waiting MORE
    Italy has begun a campaign to educate the world in how to make proper
    spaghetti bolognese.

    According to the country's farmers union and top chefs it seems that everyone is getting the
    ingredients all wrong. Duncan Kennedy been investigating what should go into an authentic
    bolognese sauce.   MORE

    The closing process for a home purchase can be briefly described as the definitive and official
    moment of a long and sometimes stressful - procedure started with the chosen of a property.
    As said by a famous writer, all those hours spent negotiating, late evening spent crunching the
    numbers, long days spent walking through and assessing the property, sleepless nights spent
    waiting for loan approval, the time spent dealing with your partners and handling investors it is
    scheduled to MORE
    Italians slow to leave nest

    The proportion of Italians aged between 30 and 34 still living at home has doubled to well over a
    quarter, a recent government report concludes.
    Sons linger even longer than daughters, the government says, with 36.5% of men aged 30 to 34
    remaining at home, compared to just 18.1% of women. MORE
    Polenta With Baccala

    This recipe is for the traditional Italian seafood called baccala, which is simply salted cod, which
    is cooked in a tasty tomato sauce and served over soft polenta. A very hearty, filling dish that
    reminds one of simpler times. The only trick to this dish is to remove as much of the salt as
    possible from the cod before cooking. You do this by soaking in fresh water for two days prior to
    use, changing the water three times a day. MORE
    Bollo in Bianco

    Many times in Italy you may have to make payments to official bodies such as utility companies
    or companies for the purchase of goods or services. These larger companies often use an
    account at the post office for these payments as they can control the payments and have
    records. A good MORE
    Enel Green Power buys into 64 MW Italy wind schemes

    MILAN (Reuters) - Enel Green Power, renewable energy arm of Italy's biggest utility Enel, has
    bought a majority stake in two wind power projects in Italy with a total installed capacity of 64
    megawatts, the company said on Monday.
    The two projects have all the necessary permits to build wind parks in the southern region of
    Calabria, in areas with high wind power output. The plants are expected to be operational in
    2010, Enel said in a statement. MORE
    Few call Venice home, but it's not history, either

    VENICE, Italy – A dozen gondolas snaked down the Grand Canal on Saturday in a mock funeral
    procession bemoaning Venice's approach to the dreaded status of living museum, with a
    population now below 60,000.
    While the largely symbolic threshold is considered by some to signal the end of the city's
    viability, Venetian officials say reports of Venice's demise are premature, and even Saturday's
    somber funeral ended with a surprise, bright hope for rebirth. MORE
    Horror movie terrifies Italian children, angers parents

    A LOW-budget US horror movie, Paranormal Activity, has kicked up a storm in Italy where it is
    reportedly terrifying youngsters across the country.
    Italy’s emergency response service reported dozens of calls, especially from southern Naples,
    where “several panic attacks lasting more than half an hour took place on Saturday”, an
    employee told Ansa news agency. MORE
    Italy began a campaign yesterday to defend the reputation

    of one of its most famous but most widely abused exports: pasta with bolognese sauce —
    otherwise known as spag bol. Coldiretti, the country’s farmers’ union, said that although people
    around the world believed they were eating spaghetti bolognese, what they were actually
    forking into their mouths were “improbable concoctions” of tomato paste from a jar with a
    “remarkable variety” of ingredients, ranging from meatballs or turkey to mortadella. MORE
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